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Poster: Alex.brollo Date: Mar 4, 2014 5:58am
Forum: forums Subject: Some questions about files, IDs and metadata

As I told you in previuous posts, I'm uploading books coming from Opal Libri Antichi - a valuable Italian academmic library. It shares its books into the web as double-page pdf, their URL containing Opal identifier (collection + pss name). They need some manipulation to split & crop double pages and I'm loading here as 300dpi zipped tiff files.

1. while such zip files are the right input for derive job, could it be a good idea to upload here the original pdf as-it-is as an accessory file into item folder (its name could be the original one, since it's different from IA identifier of the item)?

2. I found extremely comfortable to build a IA identifier using original pdf name (- extension) + collection + "Opal", so obtaining a unique and very informative ID. Look for last uploads searching for "opal libri antichi". Is it a good ID into IA?

3. I'd like do add some more metadata.
3.1 URL of original pdf file;
3.2 name of Claudio Ruggeri, who scanned books and published pdf file into the Opal website;
3.3 library name and URL (Opal libri antichi)
3.4 institution (University of Turin)
3.5 Sometimes IA djvu files have been upoloaded into then used by a project, to fix OCR and format text into a good html. Can it be interesting to add a link into IA pointing to wikisource derived work?

Which are the best metadata names for those metadata? I'm a little confused about exact meaning of existing metadata names.

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Poster: broko Date: Mar 4, 2014 1:40pm
Forum: forums Subject: Re: Some questions about files, IDs and metadata

Hi Alex,

I'm not a member of the Archive, but I upload my writing to to it.

As far as metadata goes, my experience has been that the way search engines index their sites, by copying the links, the best advice I could give would be to make a clear title. If you use an author's name, for instance, the title, the title of the book, and the copyright or public domain date should be enough to make the work discoverable online. (Eg. John Smith, Arch of the Sun, 1850.)

By default, a person can search for content on the Archive by adding archive to their keyword search in their web browser.

Making your titles clear as possible is a good practice.

Hope this helps some. Again, I'm not with the Archive, but I saw you had a question and thought I would try and help.

Best to you.

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Poster: Alex.brollo Date: Mar 5, 2014 5:36am
Forum: forums Subject: Re: Some questions about files, IDs and metadata

Thanks broko! But I'd like to use IA not only as a "file container", but as a "metadata container" too, and a rich set of metadata (when automatically uploaded) will be very useful for some kind of IA users. I'm just beginning to explore the extremely interesting IA tools to grab them.